HanchorBio Completes the Face-to-Face Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

SHANGHAI,TAIPEI, and SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2023 – HanchorBio Inc., a global clinical-stagebiotechnology company developing innovative immuno-medicines, completed aface-to-face Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting on March 29, 2023 inTaipei, Taiwan with world-renowned professors and few Board of Director (BOD)members. The attendees included:

·   MingyiChen, MD., PhD., (Chairman of SAB) Professor ofPathology at the UT Southwestern Medical Center

· ZihaiLi, MD., PhD., Professor and Founding Directorof the Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology at the Ohio State UniversityJames Comprehensive Cancer Center

·   WeipingZou, MD., PhD., Charles B. de Nancrede Professorand Director of the Center of Excellence for Cancer Immunology andImmunotherapy at the University of Michigan School of Medicine

·   RosemaryMazanet, MD., PhD., (member of the BOD) VenturePartner of Panacea Venture

·   AlvinLuk, MBA., PhD., CCRA., (member of the BOD)independent consultant

·   SeanJuo, PhD., President and Chief ScientificOfficer of HanchorBio

·   Chi-LingTseng, PhD., Vice President of Research ofHanchorBio

·   ScottLiu, PhD., Founder, Chairman, and ChiefExecutive Officer of Hanchorbio

The Scientific Advisory Board is a criticaldecision for HanchorBio’s strategic development, and the board provides scientificand clinical insights and guidance in research and development to further strengthenthe product pipeline based on the Company’s innovative technology of Fc-baseddesigner biologics (FBDB). 

During the SAB meeting, the Company reviewedits lead product, HCB101, which is an engineered SIRPα protein fused to the Fc region of IgG4. HCB101 triggersphagocytosis activity of the macrophages by blocking the “do not eat me” SIRPα-CD47 signaling pathway between macrophages and tumor cells as a decoyreceptor of the macrophage. Based on the extensive in-vitro and in-vivopre-clinical data, HCB101 is potentially a safer and more potent alternativethan the anti-CD47 monoclonal antibodies currently in clinical trials.Furthermore, RNA head map experiments demonstrated distinct gene expressionprofiles in comparison between HCB101 and Magrolimab (anti-CD47 monoclonalantibody).  Based on the solid scientificfoundation of HCB101, the Company further revealed the additional arms (beingadded to the Fc backbone) such as PD-L1 and other immune-checkpoint-inhibitor-basedligand traps and cytokines or cytokine traps to combat against resistance tocurrent anti-PD1/L1 immunotherapies.

The SAB members not only complimented theteam on the accomplishments of the in-depth and comprehensive demonstration ofthe safety and efficacy of HCB101 in preclinical settings, but also reaffirmedthe scientific soundness and technical feasibility of the four projectspresented to the SAB. The members of the SAB also recognized the breakthroughand transformational potentials of the 3-arm FBDBs as they are not onlyfirst-in-class biologics, but also represent a novel and unique class ofmodality with multiple immune-modulation functionalities.


Based in Taipei, Shanghai, and SanFrancisco Bay Area, HanchorBio is a global clinical-stage biotechnology companyfocusing on immuno-oncology. The Company is led by an experienced team ofpharmaceutical industry veterans with proven track-record of success inbiologics discovery and global development to rewrite cancer therapies. Committed toreactivating the immune system to fight against diseases, the proprietaryFc-based designer biologics (FBDB™) platform enables unique biologics withdiverse multi-targeting modalities to unleash both innate and adaptive immunityto overcome the current challenges of anti-PD1/L1 immunotherapies. The FBDB™platform has successfully delivered proof-of-concept data in several in vivotumor animal models. By making breakthroughs in multi-functional innovativemolecular configurations in R&D and improving the manufacturing process inCMC, HanchorBio develops transformative medicines to address unmet medicalneeds.

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